Portal Information

The MOS (Cases Handling Module) portal was created with a view to preparing the possibility of filling in and submitting applications for residence on-line by foreigners and providing them with the necessary knowledge in the field of migration procedures

We will continue to develop the portal, update it and supplement it with new information and functionalities, but now you already can:

thanks to the “Read the information” section:

check what are the residence options in the situation you are in

  • in the “Read the information” section there is a special questionnaire, the questions of which lead to personalized information, "tailored" to your needs;

get acquainted with the information package on the procedures regulating the entry, stay and departure of foreigners from Poland

  • if you know what your residence situation is and are looking for specific information, you have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with them in several categories in the “Read the information” section;

thanks to the “Avoid mistakes” section:

get access to databases of frequently asked questions

  • issues of the general database will allow you to dispel doubts about procedures, and the information contained in the technical base will let you use the portal correctly;

avoid mistakes

  • in connection with learning about the most common mistakes made by clients at various stages of the procedures;

access checklists of procedures

  • verify that you have completed all steps leading to obtaining a residence permit;

get access to instructional videos and publications of the OFF and other institutions

  • thus broaden and consolidate knowledge about the procedures;

thanks to the “Fill out an application or prepare a pleading” section (*service with limited availability for users not logged in):

fill in online application forms in the following cases: temporary residence permits and permanent residence permits and send them to the competent voivode

  • Currently, after sending the application to MOS, printing and signing it, you must present a paper version during a personal visit in the voivodeship office, but in the future, the portal will fully provide the possibility of submitting the application in electronic form.

  • When completing the electronic application form in MOS, where possible, you have the choice of content from drop-down lists.

  • To complete the application correctly, you can use contextual help translated into foreign languages ​​available in MOS.

  • You can also take advantage of the security measures against leaving empty fields when filling in the above-mentioned applications - which eliminates the risk of leaving the application unprocessed.

use active PDF forms

  • to be completed electronically after downloading from MOS

download and then fill in by hand other application forms related to the legalization of stay

See instructions for preparing applications in the above-mentioned cases with the help of MOS - available here.

thanks to the “Law” section:

  • know the content of the provisions specific to a given procedure - procedures described in the information section have had relevant provisions assigned. The portal provides access to legal acts relevant to migration cases under various categories;

thanks to the “Contact” section

  • get access to contact details, contact forms and queuing systems of voivodes and the Head of the Office for Foreigners and contact the Data Protection Officer at the Office for Foreigners;

  • we also provide technical assistance related to the operation of the portal;

thanks to the “News” section:

  • stay up to date with the most important information regarding the functioning of the Office for Foreigners and other migration authorities as well as MOS itself;

  • find out about planned changes to the regulations and those that have come into force.

MOS is run by the Head of the Office for Foreigners. The Office for Foreigners is a government administration body competent, inter alia, in cases related to residence permits (as a second instance authority).

Using MOS is free of charge.

The portal was created as part of the project “Modernization of Pobyt v.2 System in the scope of creating a case handling module No. 1/8-2018/BK-FAMI” and co-financed by the National Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund Program “Safe Harbour”. More information about the project.

Information posted on the MOS portal does not constitute a source of law. Authors have taken due care to ensure that it complies with the applicable regulations. In case of identifying any non-compliance, please inform the relevant authority. Information in Polish, may differ from the information in foreign languages. Due to the extent of the translations and the nature of the content, updates in foreign languages will be published with a delay.

Information relates to typical cases that may occur frequently and may not be fully applicable to individual cases. Depending on the specific case, the number and type of documents that may be requested by the administrative authorities in the course of the proceedings may differ from those provided. In case of doubt, please contact the voivode responsible for the matter in question, or any other authority as appropriate.